Blog from  Dan Shufelt,
President and CEO of Arizona Helping Hands

AHH is One-of-a-Kind

I have met many nonprofit leaders whose organizations provide a few of the services foster families receive from AHH, but have found no organization in the nation that does all that we do for a statewide population of boys and girls.

Foster Family Loses Home to Fire

I met Curtis four years ago.  He came to Arizona Helping Hands to receive beds, cribs, clothing, diapers, sports equipment and more to help his family.  His daughter’s life had been tragically stolen in a moment, and his FIVE grandchildren needed grandpa’s love and safety.  Curtis took in his grandchildren despite the fact that as a schoolteacher he had limited resources.

Serving Foster Kids Despite COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged businesses to take a hard look at how they operate and utilize their team to continue to be viable in this environment. For nonprofits like Arizona Helping Hands whose services have been deemed essential, the question is how to make our services available to families in need while keeping our staff and an army of volunteers safe.

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